Bond Oversight Committee

The District intends to apply the net proceeds of the Bonds to finance the acquisition, construction, furnishing and equipping of District facilities in accordance with the bond proposition approved at the Election which includes the ballot measure and a project list.

The "Strict Accountability in Local School Construction Bonds Act of 2000," known as Proposition 39, comprising Section I5264 et seq. of the Education Code, controls the method by which the District will expend Bond proceeds on its capital improvements. Prior to the Election, the District prepared and submitted to the Board for approval a master list of capital projects to be built, acquired, constructed or installed with the proceeds of the Bonds (the "Project List"). The following includes, in relevant par the Project List. The District will prioritize and will not undertake to complete all components of the Project List, a portion of which is printed below.

Project List

Bond proceeds will be expended to modernize, replace, renovate, expand, construct, acquire, equip, furnish and otherwise improve the classrooms and school facilities of DUSD.

  • Improve technology infrastructure and increase student access to computers and modern technology
  • Make health and safety improvements throughout the District
  • Convert existing space into Career Technical Education (woodshop) classroom at Delhi High school
  • Repair or replace outdated heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems with building code compliant, energy efficient systems.
  • Federal and State mandated Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility upgrades including site access, parking, staff and student restrooms, relocation of some existing electrical devices, drinking fountains, playground equipment, etc.
  • Construct a new multipurpose room/gymnasium at El Capitan Elementary School for school and community use. (Completed 2015)
  • Renovate, repair, construct and/or upgrade classrooms, restrooms, and school facilities
  • Upgrade school site parking, utilities, and grounds
  • Construct and improve P.E. fields and facilities for school and community use
  • Make facility improvements to increase the District's energy efficiency (lighting, HVAC, windows, etc)
  • Make security improvements throughout the District, such as installing security fencing, cameras, lighting, and fire alarm systems
  • Repair and upgrade roofs, walls, and floors
  • Install, replace or upgrade fire alarm and security systems.
  • Upgrade, renovate and equip science labs, multipurpose rooms, food service facilities, auditoriums, libraries, and other school facilities.
  • Replace existing wiring systems to meet current electrical and accessibility codes and increase capacity.
  • Federal and State mandated Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety upgrades including playground equipment replacement.
  • Abate and remove hazardous materials identified prior or during construction
  • Repair, replace and/or upgrade paved surfaces, turf, and other grounds to eliminate safety hazards and improve outside instructional areas.

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